Franchise Solutions

While the franchise model shares many of the same requirements as its enterprise counterpart, IRG realizes that there are additional requirements and nuances specific to the franchise environment. Where does support end? Who does the franchisee call for support? How are orders placed? How are services billed? What if a specific franchisee has requirements slightly different form the Corporate Contract? All valid questions and all can be answered by IRG. We understand the franchise model and have crafted a specific solutions plan especially for this market segment.

Franchise Solutions Highlights:

  • Credit Card or ACH Billing Options
  • User Friendly Portals
  • Benefit from the IRG Process Even for Single-Site Franchisees
  • Same Support Level as Enterprise Clients
  • Web-based Ordering and Status Checks
  • Email Alerts
  • Bring Your Own Bandwidth Options
  • Short-Term Contracts
  • Custom Service Levels Regardless of Corporate Contract
IRG's Mission: To be the foremost leader of managed broadband-enabled network services for retailers and other multi-site organizations. Call IRG today to discover why America's top retailers and multi-site companies choose IRG as their Managed Service Provider. We provide you a dedicated project manager to ensure every detail of your needs are met, and are backed by 24x7x365 support from our US-based network operations center.